Contactless & Hygienic
Accurate dosing
No first pass effect/loss of potency
Optimum Bioavailabilty
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Citrus Vanilla

A popular combination of fresh citrus combined with the pleasing accents of vanilla. This product comes in 100mg containers with 2 mg per spray.

Peppermint Vanilla

The clean crisp taste of peppermint expertly mixed with the palate pleasing taste of vanilla to give this mist a freshening sweetness. This product comes in 100mg containers with 2 mg per spray.

Pioneers in THC Misting

By teaming up with pioneers in the oral spray technology industry, Fazed Mist is bringing THC spray and personalized dosing to its customers. By teaming up with original patent holders for vitamin and nutrition oral spracy companies, Fazed Mist can offer its customers the opportunity to microdose THC anywhere with minimal fuss and maximum taste. The Fazed Mist Micro Droplet Technology spray ensures effective THC uptake and efficacy at a higher and faster rate than pills, capsules or edibles.

Who is MISTING for?

MISTING is designed for consumers of any legal age – for those who want an easy and fast way to consume their THC. Misting provides a much better THC experience than traditional edibles by bypassing the digestive system. It is especially good for people who struggle with the concept of smoking or vaping, instead of swallowing pills.

What is MISTING?

MISTING is an innovative and efficient way to onboard THC while accurately controlling the dosage.
By reducing the active ingredients into micro sized droplets, these are delivered into the users mouth by the Fazed Mist device – which encourages rapid uptake of the active ingredients resulting in efficient distribution of THC throughout the body.

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